The Ljubljana Community Health Centre Mediation Centre serves for the calm settlement of disputes in a safe, neutral environment with the help of a mediator, who, through his or her activities in an informal process, helps participants to reach an agreement by which they resolve the dispute or re-establish mutual relations.

Why mediation?
  • Because it is a voluntary decision.
  • Because the procedure is fully confidential and all participants consent to the potential timing and the extent of data disclosure.
  • Because the best solution is one that is reached in a calm way by both parties.
  • Because it stabilises the participants’ attitude and is thus oriented towards the future and the possibility of further coexistence and cooperation.
  • Because it allows the dispute to be resolved quickly and at a low cost.
When is mediation appropriate?
  • If you cannot resolved the dispute alone or through your own environment.
  • If you are prepared to talk and seek a solution with the help of a mediator who will ensure both parties an equal position and provide equal opportunities for all participants to present their viewpoints.
  • If it is important to maintain a relationship and cooperate with the other participant in the future.
  • If you want to find a calm, informal path to a verbal or written agreement that is defined as morally or formally binding for all participants.
  • If you are prepared to respect the agreement reached.
Training at the MC

The MC organises regular training sessions with communication skills workshops. Communication skills are a basic tool for successful work with people, good management and quality interpersonal relationships. Through its operation and in cooperation with other lecturers, the MC aims to provide knowledge that helps participants to better communicate, improve mutual relations, reduce conflicts and misunderstandings, and resolve them calmly.


Ljubljana Community Health Centre (side entrance), 3rd floor, Aškerčeva ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana

Contact us

Mobile: +386 31 697 800 (Monday–Friday, 1–2 p.m.)