November 22, 1967- Ljubljana (today Ljubljana Municipality) makes a decision to establish Community Health Centre Ljubljana, connecting 25 independent primary health centres in all Ljubljana municipalities and Grosuplje municipality into one.

1974 - A new decision is made to organize co-operatives based on functionality principles. However, functional organization revealed issues in maintaining services on such a large territory and was replaced with new territory-based co-operative organization. The purpose was to bring healthcare services closer to residents, so co-operatives were established in every municipality in Ljubljana region and in Grosuplje municipality, all named Community Health Centre Ljubljana (units Center, Šiška, Bežigrad, Vič-Rudnik, Moste-Polje, Grosuplje).

1991 - Based on the new Institutes Act and statutory decision, Community Health Centre Ljubljana is organized as an institution, as one legal entity with seven organization units, established from previous co-operatives.

1992-1993 - Number of employees begins to drop, beginning of granting charters.

1992-1997 - Number of personnel moving to private sector reaches its peak.

March, 1993 - Based on Health Services Act and Slovenian Government decision, organization unit for students is excluded and organized as a separate institution.

End of April, 1997 - Grosuplje organization unit is excluded from Community Health Care Centre.

End of 1999 - Medvode regional unit is excluded from Šiška organization unit.

July 3, 1997 - Ljubljana Municipality signs an Ordinance on Establishment of Public Institution Community Health Care Centre Ljubljana, determining the Centre as independent institution and adding Šentvid and emergency first aid service (SNMP) to existing organizational units.

2014 - The first Simulation Centre in primary health care began operating in the CHC Ljubljana.

2015 - The Primary Healthcare Research and Development Institute (IRROZ) was established with the purpose of performing scientific research in medical sciences and development activities in the field of primary healthcare.

2015 - The Mediation Centre was founded in the CHC Ljubljana.

November, 2018 - We acquired a mobile simulation unit, SIM Mobile, the first such programme for training in the field of Slovenia and in this part of Europe.