Testing with rapid antigen tests (HAGT) and PCR testing within CHC Ljubljana takes place at the entry point of CHC Ljubljana – parking lot P + R Stanežiče (drive-in system) - link to the location.


Testing schedule:
- Monday to Saturday: 7:00 to 10:00
- testing is not performed on Sundays
No ordering required for HAGT testing.

For symptomatic people with a positive self-test result or referred after consultation with a GP, HAGT testing is free (or performed at the expense of the budget). For all others, testing with HAGT is self-paying (7 EUR). Payment is possible only with a bank card.

Everyone who comes for testing should have a health card and an identity document with them, and they must wear a protective mask. People with a positive self-test result also bring proof of a positive HAGT result (photo with attached identity document or test plate in a protective bag).

People with a positive result will be called within one hour of testing, negative results will be reported via SMS notification. If you have not received an SMS notification within 24 hours, send a message to the e-mail address koronabris@zd-lj.si or call the telephone number 041 399 832 (every working day between 9.00 - 10.00).

The decision whether to test is made by the GP treating the patient. Foreign residents who have not selected a personal GP in Slovenia, if they fall ill with signs and symptoms suspicious of COVID-19, should self-isolate at home and phone the GP on duty at the Community Health Centre Ljubljana in the unit closest to their place of residence. Foreign resident students should contact the Student Health Centre in Aškerčeva street.

PCR testing ordered by the GP is free of charge. Upon arrival at the entry point (parking lot P + R Stanežiče), the person being tested must have an identity document/passport and a European health insurance card, if they have one.

The individual can also take a PCR swab at his own expense.


At CHC Ljubljana, we also perform self-paid swabs (PCR) to confirm infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Pre-ordering is required to take a swab, for the individuals is also required pre-payment.To ensure a suitable date, please call at least two days in advance.

The price of testing is 85 EUR.

Payment details:

Zdravstveni dom Ljubljana (Community Health Centre Ljubljana)
Metelkova ulica 9
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Account number: SI56 0126 1603 0921 845
Bank Name: Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Business Identifier Code (BIC / SWIFT): BSLJSI2X
Reference: SI 00 0030
VAT ID: SI80683568

To take a swab, you have to pre-order on the telephone number +386 31 619 359. The working hours of the call center are from Monday to Saturday and on holidays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You will take a swab at the entry point of the Community Health Centre Ljubljana - parking lot P+R Stanežiče. The drive-in system allows you to take a swab from a car.

INDIVIDUALS: When testing, it is obligatory to bring with you a photocopy of the payment receipt, from which the payer's data must be evident, and in the purpose of payment it should be written the name and surname of the tested person, on the basis of which we will subsequently issue an invoice.

COMPANIES: The company should send the order form and list of persons in advance to e-mail addresses korona.vt@zd-lj.si and fakturni@zd-lj.si. No prepayment is required. After the testing, we will issue an invoice, which you pay later.

You will receive the test results by phone as a rule within 24 hours. In case you need a written test report, after receiving text message about the test result, please send a request for a written report to korona@zd-lj.si or call the telephone number +386 31 619 359 during call center working hours.