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Primary healthcare services and specialist infirmaries at Community Health Care Centre Ljubljana:

  • Infirmary and consultation room for persons without health insurance
  • Adult healthcare services – family medicine infirmaries
  • Pre-school healthcare
  • School and teen healthcare
  • Female healthcare services
  • Adult dental care
  • Dental care for school children and teenagers
  • Health visiting and home nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • X-ray diagnostics
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Child development unit
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Breast disease centre
  • Centre for health education (parenting school, health education programs, walk tests ...)
  • Mental health centre
  • Centre for prevention and treatment of drug abuse
  • Occupational, traffic and sports medicine centre
  • Orthodontics
  • Specialist infirmary for cardiovascular disease
  • Specialist infirmary for orthodontics
  • Specialist infirmary for physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • Specialist infirmary for eye disease
  • Specialist infirmary for otorhinolaryngology
  • Specialist infirmary for pediatric and preventive dental care (pediatric dentist)
  • Specialist infirmary for pediatric psychiatry
  • Specialist infirmary for pulmonary disease
  • Diabetes infirmary
  • Specialist infirmary for oral and periodontal disease
  • Infirmary for anticoagulation treatment
  • Specialist infirmary for dental prosthetics

As per Ordinance on the establishment of public institution, Community Health Centre Ljubljana provides the following primary health care services:

  • monitoring the health of residents and suggesting measures for health protection and improvement, as well as prevention, identification, treatment and rehabilitation of patients and injured persons;
  • health education and consulting for retaining and improving health;
  • prevention, identification and treatment of oral and dental disease, and rehabilitation;
  • rehabilitation of children and teenagers with physical or mental disabilities;
  • home visiting, health care, treatment and rehabilitation of patients at home, and patients in social protection institutions;
  • continuous emergency first aid services;
  • medical examinations for sportsmen;
  • medical examinations for army recruits;
  • determining temporary work disability;
  • diagnostic and therapeutic services;
  • specialist infirmaries.

Community Health Centre Ljubljana provides health care services for Ljubljana Municipality. For some services, such as child development infirmaries, the Centre covers the wider Ljubljana region.

    Metelkova 9, SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Phone: + 386 1 3003 941
  • Fax: + 386 1 3003 911
  • E-mail:



General Director: izr. prof. dr. Antonija Poplas Susič, dr. med., spec. 
Medical Director: Tea Stegne Ignjatovič, dr. med., spec.
General and Human Resources Department: Vesna Podržaj
Economics Department: Polona Szilvassy
Head of Department for IT, Maintenance, Promotion and Public relations: mag. Jernej Pečnik
Consultant in Health care: Robertina Benkovič



General Administration
, phone + 386 1 3003 900
Human Resources, phone + 386 1 3003 903, 3003 901, 3003 905, 3003 907

Finance and Accounting
, phone + 386 1 3003 943
Planning, Analysis and Marketing, phone + 386 1 3003 927
Public Procurement and Purchasing, phone + 386 1 3003 925
Payroll Accounting, phone + 386 1 3003 908

IT Department, phone + 386 1 3003 906
Maintenance and Repair Department, phone + 386 1 3003 945
Promotion and Public Relation Office, media contact: + 386 1 3003 949, 3003 957

COMMISSION FOR QUALITY, phone + 386 1 3003 938

Metelkova 9

Phone: +386 1 3003-941 (administration)

Fax: +386 1 3003-911

VAT ID: SI80683568
Account number: SI56 0126 1603 0921 845
Bank Name: Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Business Identifier Code (BIC / SWIFT): BSLJSI2X
Registration number: 5056063


General manager: prof. dr. Antonija Poplas Susič, dr. med., spec.

Poplas Susic m

Medical Director: Tea Stegne Ignjatovič, dr. med., spec.

Stegne Ignjatovic m


Head of Economics:
Polona Szilvassy

Head of IT, Maintenance, Promotion and Public Relations
Peter Hrastar

  • Consultant in Health Care:
  • Robertina Benkovič

  • General Administration: phone + 386 1 3003 900
  • Human Resources: phone + 386 1 3003 903, 3003 901, 3003 905,
    3003 907

  • Finance and Accounting: phone + 386 1 3003 943
  • Planning, Analysis and Marketing: phone + 386 1 3003 927
  • Public Procurement and Purchasing: phone + 386 1 3003 925
  • Payroll Accounting: phone + 386 1 3003 908

  • IT Department: phone + 386 1 3003 922
  • Maintenance and Repair Department: phone + 386 1 3003 945
  • Promotion and Public Relation Office: phone + 386 1 3003 957, 3003 949; e-mail:

    phone + 386 1 3003 938

Community Health Centre Ljubljana is an important part of Slovenian primary healthcare, employing over 1500 people and covering approximately half a million residents. In the last years we began the project of implementing quality standards into our everyday activities as one of the key public healthcare organizations in central Slovenian region. The managed implementation of quality into our activities, health care providers at our Health Centre was provided a chance to unify good practice across all units and to start new activities in a structured, controlled and documented manner. All this was done to ensure that users of our services receive an even higher quality of treatment.

On February 1st, 2012, Community Health Centre Ljubljana received ISO 9001:2008 certificate for successful implementation of quality system. This only provided the foundations for quality system management, and lots of work was still to be done. As the next step we decided to acquire DIAS international accreditation, which we received on October 30, 2013, as the first community health centre in Slovenia. However, the real work has only just begun, since quality requires a constant process of improvement, adjustment and identification of new requirements within our environment. In 2018, we successfully passed ISO 9001: 2015 and at the same time gained the EN 15224: 2016 certificate, an international European standard for health.

In our commitment to increase the level of satisfaction for our employees, we were awarded the Family-friendly organization title. This title supports our attempts for improving work process management and quality of our work environment to ease the organization of professional and private life for our employees.

Quality systems are – similar to an organization – a living system, which needs to be adjusted, corrected, and developed in the sense of finding new, more rational ways in relations between patients and healthcare workers. Our wish is to be competitive in this context and to be known for our excellent work and high-quality approach towards work and development in Slovenia's healthcare.

Every employee of Community Health Centre Ljubljana is an important building block of the quality system, contributing to our common goal – higher quality of healthcare services for our patients.

SIQ osnovni certifikat ANG

November 22, 1967- Ljubljana (today Ljubljana Municipality) makes a decision to establish Community Health Centre Ljubljana, connecting 25 independent primary health centres in all Ljubljana municipalities and Grosuplje municipality into one.

1974 - A new decision is made to organize co-operatives based on functionality principles. However, functional organization revealed issues in maintaining services on such a large territory and was replaced with new territory-based co-operative organization. The purpose was to bring healthcare services closer to residents, so co-operatives were established in every municipality in Ljubljana region and in Grosuplje municipality, all named Community Health Centre Ljubljana (units Center, Šiška, Bežigrad, Vič-Rudnik, Moste-Polje, Grosuplje).

1991 - Based on the new Institutes Act and statutory decision, Community Health Centre Ljubljana is organized as an institution, as one legal entity with seven organization units, established from previous co-operatives.

1992-1993 - Number of employees begins to drop, beginning of granting charters.

1992-1997 - Number of personnel moving to private sector reaches its peak.

March, 1993 - Based on Health Services Act and Slovenian Government decision, organization unit for students is excluded and organized as a separate institution.

End of April, 1997 - Grosuplje organization unit is excluded from Community Health Care Centre.

End of 1999 - Medvode regional unit is excluded from Šiška organization unit.

July 3, 1997 - Ljubljana Municipality signs an Ordinance on Establishment of Public Institution Community Health Care Centre Ljubljana, determining the Centre as independent institution and adding Šentvid and emergency first aid service (SNMP) to existing organizational units.

2014 - The first Simulation Centre in primary health care began operating in the CHC Ljubljana.

2015 - The Primary Healthcare Research and Development Institute (IRROZ) was established with the purpose of performing scientific research in medical sciences and development activities in the field of primary healthcare.

2015 - The Mediation Centre was founded in the CHC Ljubljana.

November, 2018 - We acquired a mobile simulation unit, SIM Mobile, the first such programme for training in the field of Slovenia and in this part of Europe.

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Mediation Centre

Model Practices in Family Healthcare

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